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Tour from Prague to the famous Kozel Brewery

In this article, we want to tell you about our brewery tour. The town of Velké Popovice is 20 km from Prague. If you are in this area, be sure to sign up for a Kozel brewery tour!

Our professional staff will try to do everything to make you have a good impression about this brewery and they will care about you have time to see all the beautiful, interesting and historically important places of Velké Popovice.

What’s include:

  • Beer tasting
  • Licensed tour guide & driver
  • Walking tour around Velkopopovicky Kozel Brewery
  • Entrance fees
  • WI-FI
  • Transport costs
  • Transfer during the tour from/to the hotel
  • Modern & comfort bus


  • Walk Through The Kozel Brewery In Velke Popovice
  • Unfiltered Beer Tasting
  • Meeting With Brewery’s Living Mascot, Olda The Goat
  • The Lines Where Bottles And Kegs Are Filled
  • Beer Packaging Exhibition
Day: Tuesday, Saturday
Start time: 14:00 p.m.
Distance: 35 km
Tour duration: 4,5 hours
Type of tour: Bus and walking
Start and finish tour: Hotel pick up/drop off
Stops: Velke Popovice, Kozel Brewery Factory
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French

Kozel brewery tour

The plant, which became one of the largest in Europe, survived both world wars, despite the fact that during the fighting it was necessary to stop the conveyors – there was no possibility of supplying raw materials. Today the brewery in Velke Popovice is part of Stock Company Radegast Brewery is the largest beer company in the Czech Republic. At the beginning of its journey to the world market of alcoholic beverages, “Velkopopovický Kozel” was already quite a successful brand. In 1875 it was sold about 18,000 hectolitres of beer (equivalent to 1 800 000 liters).

A little more than a hundred years have passed – and today beer production has increased a hundred times. The annual turnover of a modern factory of more than 900 000 hectoliters.
Brand “Velkopopovický Kozel” produces several types of beer, for any “taste and color”. This range consists of three varieties of light, dark and unfiltered beer, united by one emblem.

A small introduction in The Czech Republic history and beer traditions

The Czech Republic is a small but beautiful country in Central Europe with its own traditions and customs. It has great story, lots of interesting sights and, of course the Czech Republic is famous for its beer traditions and home breweries. Czech Republic is known for its resorts, unique attractions, interesting traditions. But most often this country is associated with beer, which is a national pride for the Czechs. Brewing is inextricably linked with the history of the country, and brewers are highly respected in society. To enjoy the most delicious and healthy drink, as well as learn more about the Czech culture, it is worth at least once to visit the beer tour of the Czech Republic.

The first written mention of beer was found in Czech Chronicles, dated 1088. In the next hundred years, the consumption of this drink has increased so that the country began to appear one after another brewery, the first of which was the Brno. A few years later, beer began to cook in every home, and the recipe of the drink is constantly supplemented and improved. The first brewery shops, and at the same time and the first laws on beer, appeared in the XIII century, and in two centuries large plants which part remained to our days began to function. Since then, it is Czech beer is considered the standard of quality and taste, and the Czechs call it liquid gold. Drinking beer is a huge part of Czech culture and history. All guests coming to the Czech Republic, are faced with this phenomenon and are happy to get acquainted with it. Czech beer for the whole world has become truly recognized and real.

Sorts of our beer

Beer production follows the traditions of medieval brewing, using artesian water and several types of hops. On sale it can be found in different types of containers – glass and plastic bottles of different sizes, cans, and of course, for bottling.

Velkopopovický Kozel Světlý is one of the most popular light Czech Beers. Its fortress is 4.0 %. The combination of caramel malt and zhatets hops give it a taste of light bitterness. This beer is usually served for lunch every day.

Velkopopovický Kozel 11° Medium – light beer, which has a Golden hue. Its fortress is 4.6 %. This is quite a “young” beer – its production began only in 2005. It contains sugar and yeast, because the bitterness is almost not felt.

Velkopopovický Kozel Premium – bright third grade Popovicha beer, the 4.8 percent-strength. In its composition – only hops, water and malt. Its color is Golden-yellow, sweet taste. This popular beer has been marked by many international awards, including the main prize of the beer Championship in Chicago.

Velkopopovický Kozel Černý – dark beer, more complex in composition. In addition to hops, malt and water, it also includes barley and yeast. His fortress 3.8 %. As befits a dark beer, it is much clearer there is bitterness.

Unfiltered Velkopopovický Kozel – has a sour flavor, appetizing in a light muddy color. It consists of water, malt, barley and yeast. The strength of this beer – 4.9%.

Velkopopovicky brewery is not only a major industrial facility, but can also be a pleasant excursion. During our group brewery tour, you can get plenty of fresh tasty beer, step by step explore the entire production process of this noble drink, get acquainted with the history of Czech brewing.