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Tour from Vienna to Budapest


The city, which stands on the great Danube river, is famous for its sights and rich history all over the world. No person traveling in Europe can not miss it and not to put its name in a list of his favorite places. In the heart of Hungary, full of hot springs and green hills and plains, there is a unique city called Budapest. Its history surprises, and local interesting places are remembered and remain in memory of tourists for life. Less than 250 kilometers away there is the Austrian capital Vienna, where it is very convenient to get to Budapest.

To save the maximum amount of time, money and effort, you should use our one-day bus tour. It is led by a professional guide who will tell the most interesting facts and stories related to Budapest. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to look at the beautiful natural scenery during the trip.

Excursion program

The journey of tourists will start from the hotel. After a relaxed road for the bus and admiring the beauty of the Austrian and Hungarian nature, the participants of the tour with a guide will stroll through the magnificent Vajdahunyad castle. Then the bus will take tourists to the Central part of the city in order to see the huge Parliament building and consider the skillful architecture of the Opera house. After that, the tourists will come to the huge Heroes’ square, which is more than 200 years old! There they will have the opportunity to examine in detail each of the seven statues of Magyar leaders. Thanks to these Hungarian leader once their people acquired their homeland. They played a huge role in the history of Europe in General and Hungary in particular. There is also going be the perfectly visible magnificent view of the Danube river basin from the large square – one of the largest river in Europe.

Then tourists will have the opportunity to shop or eat, followed by a relaxed way back. The group will split up in the center of Vienna, where each participant will be convenient to get to their own hotel.

Many people want to visit Budapest, but it is quite difficult to plan their own trip and not to miss any of the important and significant attractions. The perfect solution would be to go there for just one day, but to have time to explore all the interesting places and listen to their history from a professional guide who knows Budapest like the back of your hand, and then finally return to the hotel in Vienna after a day full of new knowledge and impressions.