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Tour from Prague to Castle Konopište

In the romanticizing reconstruction of the palatial residence of the heir to the Austrian throne Franz Ferdinand d’Este, nothing was left to chance. The chateau was equipped with all the creature comforts of the time – flushing toilets, a lift, central heating and electricity generated by its own hydroelectric plant. The archduke lived there happily with his family, at arm’s length from the outside world. The idyll ended with his assassination in Sarajevo in 1914, where he died along with his beloved wife.

What’s so unusual about Konopište castle?

In Czech terms, it is an unusual castle. Built in the late 13th century on the model of French castle fortresses, it was protected by seven massive towers, which formed a separate fortress, and it had five gates and two drawbridges. Even though it was considered one of the strongest in the Kingdom of Bohemia, it was looted by Swedish troops during the Thirty Years’ War.

Franz Ferdinand's passion

Franz Ferdinand d’Este was an avid hunter and a passionate art collector. He amassed everything he could with the motif of St. George – pipes, coins, weapons, swords, vessels, banners, tombstones, sculptures, paintings. He wanted to outdo the king of England, who had the same hobby and to whom he liked to boast about his collection. His assassination defeated this aim.

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