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Tour from Prague to Castle Lednice

This chateau and its French garden with a unique greenhouse, along with a vast park set in a loosely modified landscape extending all the way to the Valtice Chateau, is one of the high points of European High Romanticism.

What’s so unusual about Lednice castle?
Since the Early Middle Ages, generations of the Liechtenstein family acquired and developed expanses of land extending across both sides of the present Czech–Austrian border. In the 19th century, Prince Alois II decided that the chateau in Lednice would be more appropriate than sultry Vienna for summer gatherings, celebrations and balls for the European aristocracy, and he had it ostentatiously rebuilt in the spirit of the English Gothic Revival.
What you will see?

Four castle tour circuits over an idea of the social and private lives of the aristocracy across the centuries. A unique feature is a beautiful park called the “Garden of Europe” with many uncommon trees, ponds with rare nesting water birds, and a range of interesting small structures, such as a 60-metre Turkish minaret, a lookout point called the Temple of the Sun God Apollo, and an artificial ruin called John’s Castle, all of which the owners hoped would enrich the seemingly unattractive landscape.

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