Castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof

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Tour from Munich to Castles of Neuschwanstein & Linderhof

Castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof

Ludwig II had been a king of Bavaria in the XIX century. He gained worldwide fame not only because of the political decisions. The residents had always noted his love for the construction of castles – beautiful and majestic, though not very useful for the state. Now, after 2 centuries, you can go on your own in each of the famous castles of the ruler of Bavaria, and see the architectural and artistic solutions of insane beauty thanks to convenient bus tours.


Back in 1868 Ludwig II had the idea to build a luxurious castle in a quiet place near Munich, which is hidden from human eyes by high mountains and dense forests. In the following year, 1869, the grandiose construction was started and the Foundation of the future sights of Bavaria was laid the first brick. After 15 years of hard construction, which has invested a lot of time and money, a huge castle was ready. The king of Bavaria arranged his summer residence there. Soon one of the favorite activities of the ruler was the rest in this insanely beautiful and quiet place – in a castle called Neuschwanstein.

Today it is one of the favorite attractions of tourists from all over the world, caught in Bavaria. At the moment, each of the halls of the castle is open to the public, but you can get there only with a group tour. There are huge queues for tickets every day. Sometimes in order to buy a ticket you have to stand in line for at least an hour. However, tickets for the tour for our customers are included in the price of the tour.

Today Neuschwanstein castle is also known by some historical films about the Middle Ages. Neuschwanstein served as a prototype for the fairy-tale castle of the Sleeping beauty in Disneyland Paris. Visit this amazing place and see each of the countless rooms with frescoes, ornaments, illustrations, wall paintings, marble and azure columns.


For a long time, a great lover of castles Ludwig II lived in a relatively small but charming castle called Linderhof. This building had become the only completed one during the life of the ruler of the castle, whose construction began with the Bavarian king. It was built almost a decade later by Neuschwanstein. It is interesting that the castle’s lighting was equipped with the world’s first thermal power plant.

Inside the castle looks truly luxurious. Ludwig II invited the best European artists of that time to paint the walls. There is artful, subtle and intriguing Duo of architectural and artistic styles of Baroque and Rococo. 10 fully symmetrical through-rooms, whose interiors are generously decorated with subjects close to the fabulous and fantasy.
Visit each of these castles is the best way to spend time pleasantly and usefully, if you are close to the Bavarian Munich.