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Tour from Vienna to Prague


The Czech capital Prague manages to combine the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life, and evening regularity and slowness. This unusual city surprises everyone who will visit it at least once. Every building, every temple, every stone under the feet of the inhabitants keeps a long, special history of the Czech capital. The best way to visit it, spending a minimum of time and money, but getting the maximum pleasure and benefit is to go on a one-day tour from Vienna by bus with an experienced guide who will tell you the most important things about the important sights and traditions of Prague.

Old Town Square

The first mention of this place dates back to the XII century. This square in Central Prague has always been a very important part of the city, as well as one of the most visited places. This place had a long way from the main city market 9 centuries ago to the square for the solemn Royal processions, and then to the pedestrian zone and the favorite place of tourists today. From here you can see the main sights of Prague, and on the square itself there are a lot of different monuments, there is also an old Church and a Palace. The participants are going to visit all this on the day tour.

National theatre

Prague national theatre was built in the late XIX century. For a century and a half of its existence, it had to survive a huge fire, but 40 years ago it was reconstructed again and also even expanded by a new building. Today the theater is fully functional, it regularly hosts performances. This building is the pride of the Czech people.

Charles bridge

Charles bridge is one of the most important medieval buildings in the Czech Republic, because it is not just a beautiful and harmonious architectural object. The Charles bridge is used to connect two parts of the big city across the Vltava river.

Wenceslas Square

The place, which is currently called Wenceslas Square, until 1848 was a Horse market. The horses were sold there since 1348 to 1877. The length of this area is impressive. It is 750 meters. Today this place has become completely tourist. There are hotels, currency exchanges, cafes and shops.

After visiting all these sights, tourists, full of impressions, new knowledge and pleasant memories, will go back to Vienna. Thanks to the excellent program, which covers all the main attractions of Prague, as well as professional tour guide, the participants will learn the history of each of the interesting places of the capital of the unique and amazing Czech Republic.