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Principova alej 304, 411 55 Terezín, Чехия
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Tour from Prague to Terezin Memorial

Terezin (Theresienstadt), originally a military fortress built in the 18th century by Emperor Josef II, is inseparably tied to the history of World War II. The better known walled garrison town of Terezin (Big Fortress) served as a collection camp for Jews from all over Europe and was misused for Nazi propaganda purposes during the visit by the Red Cross in 1944. The less known Small Fortress was a cruel prison of the Reich’s secret police – the Gestapo. If you are interested in the history of World War II and the Holocaust, come with us to the Small Fortress of Terezin and to the museum located in the Big Fortress.

What’s include:

  • Walking tour around Terezin Memorial
  • Licensed tour guide & driver
  • Entrance fees
  • Modern & comfort bus
  • WI-FI
  • Transport costs
  • Transfer during the tour from/to the hotel


  • Small Fortress
  • Big Fortress
  • 1-Hour Tour With Local Guide Through The Labyrinth Of Cells
  • Museum Of Ghetto
  • Documentary Movie
  • Crematorium
Day: Everyday
Start time: 9:00 a.m.
Distance: 63 km
Tour duration: 5 hours
Type of tour: Bus and walking
Start and finish tour: Hotel pick up/drop off
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French

Terezin is a very ambiguous, but interesting town in a few kilometers from the Czech Republic’s capital – Prague. To understand its history and form your own independent opinion about this world-famous town, it is worthwhile to visit it personally. Especially, if it practically does not
require any effort.


The Terezin city was founded in the 18th century. In those days, he played the role of a fortress. It could fit a whole army to live there for weeks or even months with food available. However, he did not get world fame because of this. In the first year of World War II, German fascists captured such a convenient city fortress and began to use it as a Nazi concentration camp for Jews. It was the first concentration camp of its
kind in the whole world history.

Today Terezin is a usual town with population of about 3000 people. There are some museums, dedicated to the Second World War. There is also a Terezin memorial, which attracts the tourists to this little unusual town.

Bus tour from Prague

There is an opportunity to learn some more about this town, the Second World War and the internal organization of the concentration camps. It is also a good place to think. Besides negative, sad aspects, this place charges special energy. The people who were imprisoned here were very strong in spirit. They could not be broken; they were brave and looked fear right in the eye.

On the gate leading to the fortress, the inscription in German “Labor frees” is fixed. Visitors to this place with such an eerie story sometimes feel uneasy, but these feelings do not scare away, but make them admire the heroes of the Second World War who have gone through this whole nightmare and betrayed neither themselves nor their country. In Terezin a wonderful community arose – tens of thousands of people of different cultures speaking different languages, who managed to preserve human dignity, having achieved vivid solidarity and self-sacrifice. They helped each other at the limit of opportunities in the face of this terrible brutal regime.

During all the way the guide is going to tell the tourists some historical facts and stories about this place.

This place does not look like an ordinary resort town, it does not have any rest or relaxation, but it does not set itself such tasks. Terezin, on the other hand, makes us think, perhaps, even revise some views and values. This city can give us a unique experience that will be remembered and will bring very deep impressions.