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Tour from Prague to family Moravian Winery

Moravia is a part of the Czech Republic, which is really known for its rich nature, fertility and world-famous spas. But the main thing that attracts tourists from all over the world – professional wineries and wines created in the best traditions of Moravia. You can visit Moravia on your own, but it is much more convenient and cheaper to go on a Moravia wine tour.

What’s include:

  • Renting a vehicle with a driver
  • Transport costs (payment of road charges, fuel, parking)
  • Transfer during the tour from the hotel


  • Captivating Stories From Our Guide During The Tour
  • Authentic Moravian Winery, Family Traditions
  • Walking Through The Small Village
  • Visit The Observation Tower
  • Wine Tasting (on request)
  • Meal (on request)
  • Lednice Castle Exteriors
Day: Everyday
Start time: 8:00 a.m.
Distance: 243 km
Tour duration: 14 hours
Type of tour: Bus and walking
Start and finish tour: Hotel pick up/drop off
Stops: Family Winery, Lednice Castle
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Chinese

Moravian winery

Wine in Moravia is not just a drink. It is part of the culture and traditions of the locals. Here not only love wine, but also know how to make it better than many other foreign varieties. 97% of all Czech vineyards are located in Moravia. There are even festivals devoted to the production of this drink.

At international competitions Moravian wines consistently take prizes for many years. The only sort of wine, which, according to European residents, can yield to the Czech, is French. However, the Czechs themselves believe that their winemakers are the most professional, experienced and knowledgeable on the planet.

In addition to international competitions, every winter in the Czech Republic a wine competition is held, during which one hundred of the best Moravian varieties are selected according to experts and the population.

Wine tasting

The participants of the tour will get an opportunity to learn much more about viniculture with a professional guide. There is going to be a big sightseeing wine production tour with our guide. Then he will tell some more about the village, where the wine is made. After that the tourists will be able to order lunch and Moravian wine tasting.

Winery and village

The tourists will visit the winery, which is called Rodinné vinařství Jedlička, Bořetice, a.s. This winery has its own 42 hectares vineyard. The stuff of the winery has been producing wine in bio/organic regime for past 3 years. The controllers have taken last sample of the soil last month and very soon Rodinné vinařství Jedlička, Bořetice, a.s. will have organic certificate on their bottles. In reality this means that this winery do not use any conventional chemicals and fertilization only natural ones. When consuming their wine you are not getting any of the above chemicals into your body that can normally cause headache, heartburn etc.

Thanks to this organic regime their wines can be modified according to old technology and these wines are designed for archiving. Rodinné vinařství Jedlička, Bořetice, a.s. has been very successful in many competitions that you can see in their price list, their wines were in Czech House on the Olympic Games 2018. The winery was built during 1. Republic and reconstructed after 2000, you will be able to see modern production as well as original cellar with barrels for red wines and you can sit at pleasant tasting room by the fire pit.

All this production can be seen live in our private wine tour with a professional guide who will tell the most interesting facts about the world-famous Moravian wine.

Specificity of wine and ground

The area in the Moravia is mostly hilly, and sometimes even mountainous. Here, the slopes of insane beauty are wrapped in grape plantations, there are small villages that produce their own wine. Bunches of grapes glow in the gentle rays of the sun, so this wine is sweet, fragrant and “viscous”.

Lednice castle

After tasting Moravian wine tour participants will visit the beautiful Lednice castle. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to its fascinating architecture. Also, the Lednice castle boasts incredible interior. The name of the castle is translated from Czech as an ice river. It actually resembles a river and confirms this metaphor. After visiting the castle, tourists will definitely have good impressions and a lot of memories and emotions.

This wine tour in Moravia is a great option for cultural recreation in Europe. in such a small trip you can not only relax a little and get distracted from the city bustle, but also learn a lot of everything new and interesting about the world-famous Moravian wine.